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The perils of social media travel pics, & how to avoid them

Posting holiday photos on social media may seem harmless enough, and indeed, in the vast majority of cases, it is. But travellers publishing their pics online leave themselves... Continue Reading


Review: CANDEO Hotels Ueno-Park

My first impression of the CANDEO Hotels Ueno-Park is a little skewed. With rain pelting down outside, almost any hotel would’ve been welcomed. But the property, located... Continue Reading


New Travel Consultant Accreditation Program by Globus

In conjunction with its Agent Reward Program, Passport-to-Rewards, Globus family of brands has developed an all new Travel Consultant Accreditation Program – Friends of the... Continue Reading


You won’t believe the veg meal this airline served

When Steve Hogarty pre-ordered a vegetarian meal on a recent flight, he may have expected to receive a veggie sandwich, a meatless curry or perhaps the most ubiquitous of all... Continue Reading