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Eating oysters in Tassie ranked highest Aussie food experience

Thirteen of the world’s most thrilling culinary experiences are to be had in Australia, according to leading global travel authority Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Eatlist... Continue Reading


$100 a week for some Jetstar crew: report

Jetstar is in the spotlight for its use of foreign cabin crew on Australian routes, and for their low wages. In some cases earning a base salary of as little as $100 a week... Continue Reading


HEALTHY HABITS: 5 beach exercises to take on holiday

Studies show that by exercising on loose sand your body is forced to activate extra muscle fibres in your legs, hips, and trunk to respond to the shifting ground. Also... Continue Reading


2 in 3 Aussie holidaymakers struggle with sleep: poll

The notion that most holidaymakers have trouble sleeping seems a bit far fetched, when you consider the comfort of hotel king beds, the absence of work and home-related stress, and... Continue Reading