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Stars on parade for St Patrick

It may well be celebrated across the globe but if you really want to get the most out of St Patrick’s Day, then you have to spend March 17 in Ireland. I’d... Continue Reading


Anthony Bourdain reveals secret to finding a city’s best eats

He’s eaten sheep’s testicles in Morocco, an entire cobra in Vietnam, ant eggs in Mexico and still claims Chicken McNuggets are the most disgusting thing he has... Continue Reading


What are the world’s happiest nations, and how does Oz rate?

What makes a country ‘happy’? If it’s lots of snow, saunas, and an education system that’s second to none, Finland must be smiling big time – or at... Continue Reading


Royal Caribbean reinvented in multi-billion dollar plan

A series of new global private island destinations is among a raft of initiatives Royal Caribbean has launched to capture a greater share of next generation cruisers. Beginning... Continue Reading


Travel agent survives fatal plane crash; offers tips

Don’t drink alcohol and refrain from sleeping during landing and take-off: this was the advice a travel agent who survived a deadly plane crash in Nepal last week had for... Continue Reading