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Blog Update

Un-Australian or genius? Pricey Vegemite toast ridiculed

Just when we gave up our avocado on toast in favour of paying mortgages, Australians have now been stung by a shocking $7 Vegemite toast. Forget the air strikes on Syria, this... Continue Reading


Airports may soon use glass that’ll have you spending more

Glass is often a big part of airport design. But all that sun exposure can heat up passengers more prepped for cold planes than hot airports. So last year Dallas-Fort Worth... Continue Reading


Flyer almost sucked out of window in Southwest emergency

Southwest Airlines has taken the spotlight off fellow US low-cost carrier Allegiant Air - who’s under scrutiny following a 60 Minutes probe into its safety standards - after... Continue Reading

Smart Business

The benefits of “bleisure” travel

It can be disheartening to fly to a conference on the other side of the world, yet see nothing more than an airport lounge, the inside of a taxi, the conference hall and a hotel... Continue Reading