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9 tips for safe and healthy travel for students

Students always find a reason to travel. The purpose of the travel may vary from just an adventure, educational trip or for fun. Whichever the case, there is need to ensure your... Continue Reading


Aussies spared from new Kiwi tax

While other international tourists to New Zealand are set to be stung with a new tax, Australians (despite our teasing of their accents and fondness for sheep) are exempt... Continue Reading


Aussie travellers careful planners, except in one area

New research has revealed where Australian travellers are meticulous in their holiday plans – and where they’re not so diligent. According to a report by currency... Continue Reading


Sydney BridgeClimb to cease operations

If you’ve ever crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you would’ve seen them in their grey/blue jumpsuits, scaling one of Australia’s most famous structures. But... Continue Reading