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How travel can make you a more appealing employee

Seeing the world isn't just a fun and fulfilling experience – it also sets you up to be far more employable. With help from the experts in youth travel and working holidays... Continue Reading


Most stressful airport moments revealed

Travelling is usually something to be enjoyed; negotiating airports, usually isn’t. Worse than that, making your way through crowded hubs, often hurriedly, can be downright... Continue Reading


Aussie travellers lose over $2b in overseas card fees

If you don’t think international credit card fees amount to very much, think again. In 2018 alone, Aussie travellers lost a whopping $2.14 billion on overseas card... Continue Reading


6 things Australian airports must fix: IATA

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is urging the Australian government to take the necessary and long overdue steps to strengthen the economic regulation of... Continue Reading


And the world’s most Googled attractions are...

From the smallest hole-in-the-wall spots in the most off-the-beaten-path destinations to the world’s most visited landmarks, Google can now be used to search for almost... Continue Reading